Best Marijuana Places Around the world

North Korea

North-korea Man Smoking Marijuana

You will be surprised of knowing this thing that marijuana or cannabis is not classified as a drug.Though Tobacco is considered as a drug and they don’t even consume it. The Only thing bad about this country is that they don’t welcome Visitor


Estonia Marijuana Place

Similarly as with all medications, it is a wrongdoing to cultivate or handle a little amount, deserving of police fine or 30 days’ managerial capture. It is a criminal offence to have more than a little amount (a substantial sum), deserving of up to 10 yrs.however if you are thinking to visit Estonia than its the right choice. You can easily get the weed form the local Man, but be ware of not getting caught.


Brazil Protest

Marijuana illegal here too. But is neglected in lots of place and a strong movement to legalize marijuana. It is said that you can buy pot, hash any where, but the question is that where you gonna smoke it.


Marijuana Nepal

The Asian Country. The Quality of weed here is very strong and can make you high for the whole day. But if you get the right person with the right stuff. Many people adulterated the stuff with chemical to earn more money. Marijuana’s another form call hashish is consumed here in the as “Chilam” You can see the Marijuana grown every where on the road side or hill in abundant amount.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Marijuana Cultivation

Cultivation of Marijuana or possession of its small amount is illegal by the article 127 of the General Law of Health and you will get penalized by the article 58 of law 8204 and it refers to narcotics and other psychoactive substances. However it depends on you how you c
an get the stuff without getting noticed from the cops.


German woman removing weed

Marijuana was illegal all over Germany During 1994. Later it was legalized form medical use in march 1999.Cities like Hamburg and Berlin are the top most cities where people smoke openly doing a public display.

The United States

USA People Celebrating 420 at Denver

The Legalization if Cannabis is pretty much Complex in all the states of USA.However States like Colorado and Washington DC has Legalized Cannabis for Medical and recreational use. Map-of-US-state-cannabis-laws.svgStates like California,Nevada,Oregon, Maine and New Hampshire have both Medical and Decriminalization Law.Other States like Arizona, new mexico, Illinois, Detroit and Montana have the State with legal medical cannabis. However there are some states where even possession of Cannabis can be a big danger for you.Sates like Nebraska, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, Maryland and surrounding states like Delaware and New Jersey.These are the States where cannabis possession laws is prohibited. How ever if you want to use it for Casual use than State like Colorado and Washington DC are the best place in the USA.

Just you need a Medical Marijuana Licence, so that you can purchase cannabis from the dispensaries without any legal problem. For more information you can see the Next Post or you can go on Weedlynx’s blog


Pot celebration by Argentina People

If you never been there than you must go there and should enjoy the nature Beauty and Snow Covered Mountains and Glaciers. The beauty of Argentina is full of diversity and its like the heaven on earth.  Apart from beautiful place you can get the Cannabis easily in Argentina. The some possession of marijuana is alright but its illegal if you are trading  the Cannabis. However you can Causally smoking  marijuana in public is accepted only if you are adult other you have to do it in the private place.


Mexican Guy smoking

The mexico government has legalized the Holding small amount of marijuana up to 5 grams. However you have to stay from the public place like school, colleges, police station. Even Marijuana Cultivation is illegal. Not only this you can have many delicious Mexican dishes which can make you day after getting high.


Belgium man smoking

Despite of have many beautiful places. The Consumption and possession of marijuana is only legalized to only adult above the age of 18+. You can Hold up to 3 grams of Cannabis. Note that you cannot consume it on the public place. If you are planning to visit Belgium than you can make you tour successful with lot of fun and memories.



if you think that you can consume marijuana easily, than you are wrong. The Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has given hint as he said “It’s a very clear message: ‘You will be doing jail time.’”.

So you get caught than you have to spend some time on jail. The Punishment has bee arrange according to what level of crime you have done like

Trafficking: 1-2 YEARS minimum

• Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking: 1-2 YEARS minimum

• Importing/Exporting: 1 YEAR minimum

• Possession for the Purpose of Exporting: 1 YEAR minimum

• Production of 6 – 200 plants: 6 MONTHS minimum
With Health and Safety Factors: 9 MONTHS minimum

• Production of 201 – 500 plants: 1 YEAR minimum
With Health and Safety Factors: 18 MONTHS minimum

• Production of more than 500 plants: 2 YEARS minimum
With Health and Safety Factors: 3 YEARS minimum

• Production of oil or resin: 1 YEAR minimum
With Health and Safety Factors: 18 MONTHS minimum

However you can get cannabis easily in Vancouver and it is also know as the capital for marijuana. But you have to be alert all the time no matter what you are doing.



India is full of cannabis and you can get it everywhere. however it is illegal and if you get caught than you have to pay fine of Rs 20,000 and jail of six month. But still you can get compromise with the police by giving them some bribe and this is the best part of India. if you are new and don’t know from where you can get the stuff. Just ask the small Shopkeeper who sells tobacco. And if you have time to explore place in India than you should visit North India, where you can get the best stuff ever. Places like Manala, Almora, Pitthoragarh and many other hilly areas are popular in growing cannabis.



Possession of Cannabis is allowed if it is Possession for immediate use and can hold up to 8 grams only. And possession of many other Types of drugs can lead you to the jail. Additionally you can get good places to visit and its best place to hang out with friends.


Colombia Peru  Wcup Soccer

Possession, sale, transport and cultivation is all illegal in Colombia.However since 1994, cannabis was legalized only if you hold upto twenty two grams of marijuana.And it is only for recreational purpose only.







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